Social Action Projects- Spring 2018

Social Change in the 21st Century is an Honors Seminar that focuses on contemporary social change in the US. Students worked in groups throughout the semester to enact one social change campaign at Minnesota State Mankato or in the greater Mankato community. They developed group contracts to agree how to make decisions, chose an issue…

Food Insecurity on Campus

Sociology in Action is a an upper division course about applied and public sociology. Each semester we use sociological theory and methods to address a current social issue or provide research for a nonprofit in our community. In the spring 2018 semester we examined food insecurity on our campus. This study utilizes surveys, interviews, and…

Social Change in the 21st Century Playlist

Students in the spring 2018 honors seminar Social Change in the 21st Century (HON 401) were each asked to identify a song they like that promotes a social movement or cause. Here are the songs they chose and why they chose them. Listen and be inspired to get out there and be the change you want…

Zines! Fall 2017

This Fall 2017 the students in Social Movements (SOC 425) made Zines about some of the topics they are interested in. Check out their projects!

The human-animal divide

Students brainstormed a list of qualities that might only belong to humans, then spent the week researching if any nonhuman animals had these qualities also. Here is the list of the qualities we thought of and what we learned.

A Blog for Student Projects

When pedagogically appropriate, I seek to bring project based learning and community partnerships to the classroom. This blog highlights those projects.

Social Movements Fall 2016

Zines were an important medium for spreading social movement ideas throughout the 70’s, 80’s. and 90’s. Students conducted research on a social movement or social movement campaign of their choice and wrote a zine from the perspective of that movement. Take a peek and learn!